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The Famous and Their Luxury Car Brands

Famous people and luxury brand cars are two things that can’t be separated. Famous people like celebrity always keep their look and image to be cool and elegant. Luxurious cars are not just accessories, but they also have to be owned because they are needed. Here are some world class people who drive luxurious cars.
1.    David Beckham
This ex-captain of England football national team chooses Rolls-Royce Phantom drop head Coupe Convertible DUB Edition as his ride. The estimated price of this car is US$407.000. The Rolls-Royce mark is changed into 23, Beckham number while played for Real Madrid. This luxury car brands is equipped with V12 engine, 6.75 liters fuel capacity, and powered by 453 hp engine.

2.    Cristiano Ronaldo
He is well known as the one of the greatest football player ever. Cristiano Ronaldo has collected various luxury car brands since he played for Manchester United. He has spent US$ 4.912.000 for his 19 luxurious cars. The most expensive is Bugatti Veyron which is priced US$1.700.000.

3.    Justin Bieber
This teen-idol is not only known for his great talent and good look, but also well known for his luxurious cars collection. One car that steals the eyes is Cadillac CTS-V Coupe which is modified into Batman style. Even he added Batman logo in the front grill. This car is equipped with LSA 6.200 cc V8 that produce 556 hp.

4.    Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton chooses Bentley GT Continental as her ride that she modified into pink from exterior and interior, included body, grill, and center disk velg. Beside Bentley GT Continental, Paris Hilton also has the other luxury car brands as her collection.

5.    Jay Z
This world rapper has some collections of luxury car brands. Beside Bugatti Veyron, Jay Z also collect Maybach Exelero, a super stylish car that weighs 2.66 tons but can run with a speed of 351 km/h. Maybach Exelero is also a super expensive car, it is priced US$8 million. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km can be reached in 4.4 seconds. This car uses V12 Twin Turbo 5.908 cc engine.

Looking at their lifestyle and the amount of money they make of course make them have these rare and super expensive cars.
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